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    • Accepted welcome to #SLVT
    • -Ingame name :  Ky -Screenshot of gear :  http://prntscr.com/sjnla2 -Screenshot of stats :  http://prntscr.com/sjnlji -Age : 16 -Discord (Name#0000) : Ky#7811 -Former Clan Affiliations : Elementals - Spawnpk but left because clan was full of idiots that can't control themselves. -Why do you want to join the Salvation? To hold the wilderness down under #SLVT supervision. Also to protect those who fail to protect themselves. -Main pking style?  Dharok/Range/Rag (If needed)
    • Application declined.
    • -Ingame name :  Est Base -Screenshot of gear : -Screenshot of stats : -Age : 27 -Discord (Name#0000) : Exact #2869 -Former Clan Affiliations : none -Why do you want to join the Salvation? to pvm quietly and if needed rambo the noobs out of wildy !  -Main pking style?  range, but if needed i get mage . im training all stats up atm aswell! also my stats i am training them at the moment
    • Application accepted !  Welcome to #SLVT buddy
    • -Ingame name :  Rangeteam79 -Screenshot of gear : https://gyazo.com/00a7abbb37632305d85363a4d127d1b7 don't have much gear atm but I do have cash and I can buy whatever I need when I need it 🙂 -Screenshot of stats :https://gyazo.com/a00c65b44ddc033d9f6f255c97d02052 so far im training atm -Age : 27 -Discord (Name#0000) : Rangeteam79#1354 -Former Clan Affiliations : BBe, -Why do you want to join the Salvation? I want to join this clan because I want to be apart of the team I love to pk and love doing anything that involves multi or clan events!  -Main pking style? I can pk with any style I usually use range/mage switch!
    • Elite Clue Scroll Guide. Wilderness Map. ( all locations marked ) https://gyazo.com/a489273b2a8f6f863e469d2c43862c57 Dig at level 56 wildy on a ship wreckage. https://gyazo.com/07636a25c5f7d5a1bc2b2a2afc38c328 Dig at level 55 wildy by a pick-lock door. https://gyazo.com/fa9041b8f89d0f110daccb331c749e10 Dig at level 55 wildy outside a wooden door. https://gyazo.com/b67ac7048b7b1debb6d5afac3b36e088 Dig at level 52 wildy at a bridge where no one goes. https://gyazo.com/c5f9efed26bab841ad3c9959a2671f03 Dig at level 54 wildy by an anvil that no one uses. https://gyazo.com/4f665b68250213dccd4608b78c596e13 Dig at level 46 wildy on a star guarded by demons. https://gyazo.com/c692cdbf27c993e47e3fe24cbf6b4a5a Dig at level 31 wildy between 2 coffins. https://gyazo.com/02cee6091f6791c831eff3690bf03dbd Dig at level 21 wildy at a Den between 2 fires. https://gyazo.com/a798ff1118f3cb488a070c94ecb269b6 Dig at level 14 wildy at a statue of a warrior. https://gyazo.com/d66eceaf4d33a22ad37d7d60c418e734 Dig at level 7 wildy at mining rocks. https://gyazo.com/04202317c124afd7349d99261cc5aed9 If you find any missing spots pm me ingame or on discord @Fuk#7079 and i will add them to the guide.
    • https://discord.gg/RDkwYN There is our discord i'll be updating it shortly
    • https://discord.gg/RDkwYN @pizza  
    • Will forward this info to flynn, thank you.
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